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Identity During Change


Although life cannot exist without change, times of transition can disrupt the ways in which we have been living our lives. Even seemingly positive events (a new job or home, a new baby or relationship) can be sources of stress, because they challenge us to re-envision our own identity.

When we are undergoing a change, we may not know completely who we are in the same way that we used to. Ways in which we coped with life before a change may not serve us as well in the new reality. Therapy can help you take a clearer look at what you have been doing so far, what is working and should be preserved, and what should gently be let go and consciously replaced with a new way.


As we go through life, we inevitably face the loss of people and things that are important to us. At times, we can feel overwhelmed and it can seem impossible that the world now exists without someone to whom we were so close. Therapy can provide a space in which to acknowledge the importance of that person and begin to come to terms with feelings and thoughts that surround that loss, leading to healing and the opportunity to move on within this different world. 


The transitions that come with aging bring their own challenges. Both our bodies and our roles are changing in ways that are not entirely within our control. For some of us, this is reflected in a feeling of decreased independence. For others, these changes lead to a need to find purpose in a new phase of life or to find meaning for life as a whole. Therapy can help you put these changes into context and make life decisions in a more thoughtful and deliberate way.